While COVID-19 has impacted our ability to travel, we are still here
providing service, maintenance and support to our customers – 24/7/365.
Please contact us for full details.
Service Reminder

Has your sterilizer had its annual checkup yet?

Better safe than sorry! Preventive maintenance minimizes downtime, avoids operator exposure issues, and keeps you in regulatory compliance1.
Remember to have your Anprolene or EOGas sterilizer serviced annually by an authorized technician. Talk to our friendly technical staff about our affordable maintenance plans.

Maintenance Plans for all Model Lines

Maintenance Agreement Comparison Chart

Healthcare equipment, from the Operating Room to the Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD), must operate at peak performance to ensure that patient care is never compromised.

Through service contract options for every budget, instrument repair services, sterilizer cleaning services, 24/7 technical support and more — our maintenance solutions help you increase productivity and, ultimately, improve patient outcomes.

Repairing and maintaining equipment in the operating room and central sterile service department is vital for a productive, compliant healthcare facility.

Our maintenance contracts offer inspection, support, service, parts and labor for every area of a healthcare facility. Maintenance contracts for central services equipment, surgical equipment and OR Integration systems can be customized for every budget while helping to consistently optimize uptime and productivity.

Need replacement parts (like a new purge probe)? This is the department to contact.

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