High Efficiency Gas Sterilization Systems

EOGas 4 Duodenoscope FDA 510(k) Clearance Image
FDA Cleared
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First Sterilization System cleared by FDA 510(k) for Terminal Sterilization of Duodenoscopes & Colonoscopes

Most Effective

Most Effective

  • Proven reliability
  • 58% of all medical devices are sterilized with EO
  • FDA recommended for material compatibility and duodenoscope sterilization
Most Efficient

Most Efficient

  • Only 17.6 grams of EO per cycle
  • Eliminates chamber dead space with the EO-FCT architecture
  • Ability to sterilize long, narrow and multi-channel lumens
Zero Emissions

Zero Emissions

  • Andersen’s solution to completing it’s zero-emissions sterilizaton system
  • Easy installation
  • Replaceable cartridge lasts up to 200 cycles

Andersen Sterilizers Has A Zero Emissions System That Meets Your Needs

Anprolene Best Value


The most affordable room temperature sterilization cabinets available. Five models to choose from. Tabletop cabinets with active aeration.

EOGas 4 Best Speed

EOGas 4

Sterilizes in as little as 3.5 hours. The fastest EO sterilizer available. High-efficiency EO sterilizer with 50⁰C or 30⁰C cycles. Tabletop cabinet with active aeration.

EOGas 3 Best Capacity

EOGas 3

Run up to 10 independent 35L loads at any time in this free-standing cabinet. Two sizes to choose from. Cycle temps range from 40-55⁰C - all deliver 10-6 SAL.

Zero Emissions Zero EO-FCT Logos
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The new Andersen EO flexible chamber (EO-FCT) sterilizers offer the most gas efficient process on the market today. We offer a range of systems for human health care, industrial and veterinary applications.

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FDA cleared and ISO approved, there is an Andersen sterilizer to meet your needs. When installed with an Andersen emissions abator these high efficiency systems produce effectively zero emissions to the environment.

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2020 Small Business Environmental Stewardship Award Winner
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2020 FDA Innovation Challenge Winner
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