Has your sterilizer had its
annual checkup yet?

Has your sterilizer had its annual checkup yet?

Covid-19 Molecule

While COVID-19 has impacted our ability to travel, we are still here
providing service, maintenance and support to our customers – 24/7/365.
Contact-free service option available.

We understand you rely on your gas sterilizer as a critical component of your infection control. Preventative maintenance is the key to the longevity, efficiency and reliability of your sterilizer.
As the manufacturer of your gas sterilizer, Andersen recommends annual preventative maintenance to ensure optimal performance for your machine’s entire 10-year useful life. Avoid costly sterilizer repairs and downtime by protecting your investment with one of our maintenance plans below.
Andersen Service Pricing Table
Basic Annual Maintenance Plan
Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Plan

When will you visit?

A Scheduled Visit during your state’s “target week” is included under either the Basic or Comprehensive agreement. Visits that fall outside of your area’s target week are considered emergency visits and will incur additional expenses – unless you are on a Comprehensive plan. We can schedule a maintenance visit for you at any time, but service within your target week provides the best rates. Find your area’s target week by clicking on the button below – and then request a visit at a date and time that works for you.

Q. What’s a “target week?”

A. In a nutshell, it’s your state or local area’s designated week for service. We group near-by customers together and visit them all within a week. This allows us to save travel costs and time – and pass the savings on to you.

What tasks will your technician perform?

Click on your sterilizer to see the steps your technician will complete during the Safety Inspection & Maintenance (plus any necessary repairs). All labor is included when your visit is scheduled during your target week or on a Comprehensive plan.

Clean Sterilizer Inside & Out
Inspect Tubing (Replace if needed)
Inspect Quick-Disconnect Fittings
Leak-Check Exhaust Fittings
Replace Cabinet Filter
Inspect/Adjust Door Hinges
Inspect Purge & Vent Pump Performance

Clean Sterilizer Inside & Out
Inspect Tubing (Replace if Needed)
Inspect Quick-Disconnect Fittings
Leak-Check Exhaust Fittings
Replace Cabinet Filter
Replace Labels
Inspect/Adjust Door Hinges
Verify Temperature of Cabinet
Verify Exhaust Pump Flow Rate

Clean Sterilizer Inside & Out
Inspect Exhaust Blower & Hardware
Inspect exhaust Hose & Clamps
Inspect/Adjust Door Hinges
Inspect Inner Door Hinge Mountings
Inspect Shelf Fixings
Inspect UPS Bracket Bolts
Inspect Vent Gear Motor Mounts
Inspect Vent Valve Plates
Inspect Door Sensor & Solenoid Lock
Inspect Circulator Fan
Replace Foam Filter
Replace Printer Paper
Roll Replace Printer Cartridge
Replace Label Printer Roll
Verify Temperature of Cabinet
Verify Volume Flow Rate of Exhaust Blower

Andersen sterilizers are designed to ensure a 10-year useful life when maintained to manufacturer’s recommendations. As manufacturer, we recommend annual preventative maintenance.  

Andersen reviewed 15 years of data related to our sterilizers’ performance and reliability. The review revealed three key findings:

  1. Our sterilizers are extremely reliable.
  2. When there was an issue, the sterilizer was usually not maintained (It did not receive annual preventative maintenance by an Andersen Certified Technician).
  3. The impact of a ‘down’ sterilizer was often significant
    • Emergency repair travel, labor and parts that would have been covered under an Annual Maintenance agreement.
    • Inability to use the sterilizer for several days
      1. Canceled procedures
      2. Purchase new instruments because couldn’t sterilize old

Proper preventative maintenance of your Andersen Sterilizer is the most cost-effective means of ensuring continuous practice operations and reducing the risk of emergency repair costs.

Also, the regular maintenance of capital equipment is often required by our customers’ accreditation body, regulatory agency, quality management system or internal policy.

You can cancel your Service Agreement at any time. However, if you cancel less than 30 days before your next scheduled visit, there is a fee for 30% of the agreement price. Request a copy of our service agreement. Remember, we offer service with no agreement (One-Time Service). You can also request a quote for emergency service at any time.

Andersen Certified Technicians are factory trained to inspect, maintain and repair all Andersen equipment. They have access to the proprietary knowledge, tools and parts necessary to keep your sterilizer running strong.

All Andersen Certified Technicians are our employees. No other group is authorized to service Andersen sterilizers (service repairs that deviate from manufacturer’s original design could place sterilizer operators at risk of ethylene oxide exposure above OSHA permissible limits and can even place patients at risk through improperly sterilized devices).

Generally, one of our technicians will visit you. Occasionally our customers prefer to send their sterilizer here to the factory for service. During COVID-19 that is happening more frequently, as travel becomes increasingly restricted. If you are interested in this no-contact service, ask us about the Manufacturer Service Plan (available to both existing and new Service customers).

Please ensure your sterilizer will not be in use when your Andersen technician arrives. Also communicate to appropriate staff that the sterilizer will be down and cannot be used while being serviced.

All service options* include Exposure Monitoring Badges to ensure your facility keeps within OSHA standards. We recommend testing once a year or anytime a sterilizer is installed or moved/reinstalled. Learn more about the badges.

You will receive an extensive 60-Point Service Report, including several “before” and “after” images.

*In western states, we provide monitoring badges only to customers with a service contract.

Additional Service Options – contact us for full details and pricing.

Covid-19 Molecule

During COVID-19 we are offering a Manufacturer Service Plan (MSP), where we service your sterilizer here at Andersen Sterilizers instead of sending a technician to you. All existing plans can be converted to a MSP or we can do a One-Time Manufacturer Service for new Service customers. If your state has locked down / restricted travel or your facility is strictly limiting visitors – ask us about a MSP. Contact-free service not available in western states. Learn more.

Semi-Annual Plan

If your regulatory body, quality system or hospital policy requires capital equipment maintenance and calibration every 6 months, we offer both Basic and Comprehensive Semi-Annual plans with the same features outlined above – except your area will have two target weeks each year (sometimes called bi-annual).

Abator Service

Do you have an Andersen emissions abator? We offer Abator Service, too. It’s important to keep all your capital equipment in top condition.

AN5100 Abator

Installation Validation

Just had your sterilizer installed or moved? Our technicians can perform Installation Validation. We will verify it has been installed to manufacturer’s specifications and best practices.

Replacement Parts

We sell some replacement parts – such as purge probes, purge probe tubing, door magnets, fuses and filters. Note: Any parts that require opening the top of the sterilizer, can only be replaced by an Andersen Certified Technician. Contact us about a replacement part.

Field Service Department

Multi-Sterilizer Discounts

Do you have more than one Andersen Sterilizer? We offer Multi-Sterilizer Discounts if we service more than one sterilizer in one location.

We are your gas sterilization experts 24/7/365!

Our Service Technicians go through extensive technical training to become experts on all Andersen Sterilizers’ systems. You will find our techs accessible, knowledgeable and happy to share their knowledge.

Available 24/7, 365 days a year – no matter the problem – we are your support team for all things related to your gas sterilizer.

Keep our contact information on your sterilizer at all times.

Monday – Friday
8:30 am – 5 pm ET

Any Other Time
(Emergency After Hours)

Daniel Woolhiser
Western States
Andersen Service Tech
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Andersen Service Tech
Travis Clarkson
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