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High Efficiency Tabletop EO Sterilization
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EO Sterilization
for the 21st Century

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EO Sterilization
for the 21st Century

The temperature-controlled EOGas 4 cabinet along with Andersen’s bag and cartridge technology maximizes gas efficiency and minimizes gas usage;
only 17.6 g of gas per cycle.

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Our Secret to High Efficiency

Unlike traditional ethylene oxide sterilizers which involve rigid metal chambers and large external tanks of gas, the EOGas 4 system uses gas impermeable sterilization bags and unit dose 100% EO cartridges.

By eliminating chamber dead space, EO-FCT employs only a tiny fraction of the EO used in other systems.

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Only 17.6g of Gas per Load

No more 50lb tanks!

EOGas 4 provides an optimal use of gas – thanks to its unique EO-FCT architecture.

EOGas 4 is gentler with the environment and with your pocket.

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Easy Installation

EOGas 4 requires minimal installation: just a 1″ PVC hose to the outside with the wall plate provided. There are no water or vacuum lines required. Sterilization and aeration happen in the same cabinet.

EOGas 4 Sterilizer

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The EOGas 4 is a 50°C or 30°C cycle, tabletop cabinet with active aeration. Four cycles are available, the fastest being just 3.5 hours at 50°C, all delivering 10-6 SAL. Turn-around time for delicate medical items has never been this fast.

EOGas 4 compared to other low temperature sterilizers:

  • The widest range of material and product compatibility (other than foods, liquids or drugs).
  • Ability to sterilize long, narrow and multi-channel lumens.
  • All sides and surfaces are sterilized; no “shadowing”
  • Compatible with all common packaging materials.
  • Will not damage delicate instruments like harsh chemical sterilants.

Ethylene Oxide Flexible Chamber Technology:

The reliability of EO using only 17.6g per cycle

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EOGas 4 How It Works Video Still

See how our exclusive EO-Flexible Chamber Technology works.

EO-FCT uses active aeration to flush the sterilization bag with a constant flow of fresh air at the end of the sterilization cycle. Items that retain EO may require additional aeration. With EOGas, sterilization and aeration occur in the same chamber. There is no need to transfer products to a separate aeration area.

FDA Clearance Info Tables
FDA & Validation Information

Flexible endoscopes are validated for the 3 hour cycle at 50°C in the EOGas 4 sterilizer.

Find the FDA clearance information here.

EO-FTC vs. Traditional chamber


  • True 10-6, 12-log sterilization
  • Small tabletop footprint
  • Only 17.6g of EO per load
  • Easy Installation and maintenance
  • Affordability
  • Operator training for the life of the sterilizer
  • Sterilization and aeration in the same chamber
  • No need to wait for a large chamber to get full

Using the EOGas 4 Sterilizer

EOGas 4
Loading EOGas 4 Bag

The key feature of EO-flexible chamber system is the sterilization bag. The bag is the sterilization chamber.  It keeps the use of gas at a minimum while ensuring the highest possible concentration.

The load and the 17.6g EO cartridge are placed in the sterilization bag. Standard sterility indicators (BIs) are used to ensure cycle success.

The loaded sterilization bag is connected to the gas management system. This will extract most of the air from the bag while the sterilant is released. The opposite will happen once sterilization has been achieved. This process ensures a high gas concentration while minimizing the use of gas.

The sterilization bag and its components

Resources for Existing EOGas 4 Users


The EOGas 4 refill kit comes with cartridges, liner bags, Humidichips and Dosimeters for 14 cycles. Each cartridge contains 17.6g of EO and the liner bag (sterilization chamber) holds up to 45 l. The EOGas 4 sterilizer requires this kit and only this kit.

Time, temperature and EO concentration are essential to successful sterilization. Dosimeter integrators present visual assurance that all these parameters have been fulfilled. View results immediately after sterilization. No laboratory culture is necessary. Use one Dosimeter per cycle. (Not a BI substitute).

Designed specifically for use with Andersen EOGas™ and Anprolene® systems, this unique device ensures adequate Relative Humidity (RH) during the sterilization cycle. Each single use pre-moistened 2″ x 2″ Humidichip releases up to 4 grams of water vapor.


These are the technical specifications of the EOGas 4 (AN4000.11) sterilizer. Please contact us if you need more details.

External dimensions:
(L x H x D) 22 in x 28 in x 28.25 in

Internal dimensions:
(L x H x D) 19 in x 13.75 in x 23.25 in

3.6 cu ft

Cycle duration:
3.5 hours at 50 °C
12 hours at 30 °C

EOGas 4 Specifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Endoscopes are sterilized in a 3.5 hour cycle. The user must also follow manufacturer EO aeration guidelines that could be up to an additional 12 hours of aeration.

No. Our tabletop unit only needs a 1 inch port to the outside.

Yes. See FDA clearance info here.

Depends on endoscope type and size. Please see FDA validation information above.

No. It is very easy and convenient to install and comes in a tabletop package.

No.  EO is the most gentle type of sterilization available.  Perfect for your most delicate instruments.

Yes, we offer training free of charge for the life of the sterilizer

No. EO is used in many different household products and has a similar chemical ratings as other products such as hydrogen peroxide.

Made in USA

Andersen sterilizers are 100% US made. Proudly designed and manufactured at our headquarters in Haw River, North Carolina.

Andersen provides free training for as many operators as required,
for the lifetime of any of its sterilizers.

We have the sterilizer that meets your needs!

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