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Fast and Simple Gas Sterilization
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Fast and Simple Gas Sterilization

EOGas 3 Sterilization System

Features of the Andersen EOGas System

  1. 100% Ethylene Oxide, no CFCs or HCFCs
  2. Sterilizes and aerates in the same cabinet
  3. Power outage back-up protection
  4. Digital display with load tracking function
  5. EPA-registered; certifications to international standards
  6. Complies with current OSHA Regulations for personnel exposure
  7. Economical gas emissions abatement equipment available
  8. All sterilizers available either 110V 60Hz or 220V 50Hz

Andersen’s EOGas 3 system links our unique gas diffusion technology with advanced micro-processor control. The micro-processor keeps track of the bags in the sterilizer, and the operator may load new bags or unload finished bags while others are in process. For tracking purposes, when a bag is loaded, two labels are printed: one is placed in the log book, one is placed in the bag. Unique multi-load capabilities eliminate batch load restrictions.

Easy installation requires no compressed air or water source, only a dedicated outside vent and a single-phase AC outlet.

Choose the bag and cartridge combination to match the actual load volume: a 7 liter bag and 5 gram cartridge or a 35  liter bag and 11 gram cartridge.

EOGas 3 Benefits

  • Our multiload EOGas 3 system allows you to add and remove bags at any time while other bags are processing.
  • Gas diffusion eliminates “dead space” around loads by delivering Ethylene Oxide directly to the load. Conventional systems fill the entire chamber with EO, possibly overdosing product to compensate for “dead space” around loads.
  • No harsh preconditioning is required, treating sensitive products gently and effectively. Forced pre-conditioning in a deep vacuum under high humidity may damage sensitive products.

Cartridge Design

Its robust design and polyurethane body make EOGas 3 cartridges one of the most reliable vehicles for releasing ethylene oxide gas.

Double protection of the trigger via a plastic lock and a safety seal ensures operator safety.

Resources for Existing EOGas 3 Users

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Made in USA

Andersen sterilizers are 100% US made. Proudly designed and manufactured at our headquarters in Haw River, North Carolina.


Time, temperature and EO concentration are essential to successful sterilization. Dosimeter integrators present visual assurance that all these parameters have been fulfilled. Dosimeters change color in proportion to the dose of sterilant they contact. View results immediately after sterilization.

Designed specifically for use with Andersen EOGas™ and Anprolene® systems, this unique device ensures adequate Relative Humidity (RH) during the sterilization cycle. Each single use pre-moistened 2″ x 2″ Humidichip releases up to 4 grams of water vapor. 

The EOGas 3 system uses unique plastic sterilization liner bags and individual gas ampoules. We offer two different bag/ampoule combinations to match the size of your sterilization load. You never use more gas than you have to.

Andersen provides free training for as many operators as required,
for the lifetime of any of its sterilizers.

We have the sterilizer that meets your needs!

Anprolene Best Value


Three sizes to choose from. Room temperature. Tabletop cabinets with active aeration. The least expensive, low temperature sterilization cabinets available.

EOGas 4 Best Speed

EOGas 4

50⁰C or 30⁰C cycle, high efficiency EO Sterilizer. Tabletop cabinet with active aeration. Sterilizes in as little as 3.5 hours. The fastest EO sterilizer available.

EOGas 3 Best Capacity

EOGas 3

Two sizes to choose from. 40-55⁰C cycles, free-standing cabinets run up to 10 independent 60L loads at any time. All cycles deliver 10-6 SAL.

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