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AN5100 EO Abator

  • The AN5100 Abator is designed to remove 99% ethylene oxide emitted from the exhaust stream of an Anprolene or EOGas 4 sterilizer. Installation is simple, as the abator easily attaches to most new* AN74i, AN74ix, AN74j or EOGas 4 model sterilizers.
  • The emissions from ethylene oxide are regulated in many parts of the country. If these regulations apply to your area, the Anprolene Abator may be the right solution for you and your sterilizing needs. There is no longer any need to worry about whether or not you are approaching the ethylene oxide emissions limit in your city or state.
  • The vent hose from the sterilizer connects to the AN5100 Anprolene Cartridge Abator which is vented to the outside of the building.
  • The AN5100 Replacement Cartridge is available for shipping UPS or FedEx ground. Cartridges can be disposed of with ordinary trash if local regulations permit or returned to Andersen for disposal.
  • The AN5100 Cartridge Abator is controlled and monitored through a single wire connection to the sterilizer. Accurate tracking of gas usage will automatically alert the operator when it is nearing time to change the cartridge.


115V, 4 amps; 230V, 2A
Indoor use, temperature range 68F – 91F
Operating weight 67 lbs.
AN5100.00 Replacement Cartridge
Manufactured by: Andersen Sterilizers, Inc

Cabinet dimensions: 14″W x 26″H x 17″L.


* 74i/ix starting with lot 243588/243583, 9/14/2004 includes the BNC connector for the AN5110.01 Anprolene Abator.

All AN74j and AN2000 Anprolene Sterilizers are abator ready.

Weight 67 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 14 × 26 in
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