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in low temperature sterilization fits pretty much anywhere

17.6 grams of EO per load
Combining the most reliable and gentle sterilant with the most efficient and cost-effective design, our line of ethylene oxide (EO) sterilizers protect your most delicate medical devices and arm you with the ultimate line of defense against pathogens.

Protect Your Devices

You made a serious investment in your instruments. EO gently sterilizes at room temperature with just 17.6 grams of EO.
No corrosive chemicals, high temperatures, dangerous pressure or damaging vacuum. Safe to use on the most delicate scopes and electronics.

Protect Your Patients

Antibiotic resistant organisms are becoming tougher and more prevalent. They threaten the health of your patients.
EO provides assurance at 10-6 SAL. Choose the proven reliability of 100% EO gas sterilization for your practice.

Protect Your Practice

Infectious organisms can be hard to entirely eradicate inside complicated & delicate equipment. EO is compatible with a wide range of materials: metal, plastic, cloth, paper, silicone and tubing.
Process items with EO and infectious organisms have no place to hide.
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With an international network of over 75 distributors and support offices around the world, Andersen has been the leader in ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization for over 60 years.

Thousands of practices around the world trust our gas sterilizers as the ultimate line of defense against pathogens.

We have the sterilizer that meets your needs!

Anprolene Best Value


Three sizes to choose from. Room temperature. Tabletop cabinets with active aeration. The least expensive, low temperature sterilization cabinets available.

EOGas 4 Best Speed

EOGas 4

50⁰C or 30⁰C cycle, high efficiency EO Sterilizer. Tabletop cabinet with active aeration. Sterilizes in as little as 3.5 hours. The fastest EO sterilizer available.

EOGas 3 Best Capacity

EOGas 3

Two sizes to choose from. 40-55⁰C cycles, free-standing cabinets run up to 10 independent 60L loads at any time. All cycles deliver 10-6 SAL.

Our US headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in North Carolina.

How Our System Protects Your Instruments and Patients

Everyone involved in patient care faces the challenge of protecting patients and healthcare staff from infectious disease. We must employ effective agents to disinfect and sterilize instruments and equipment.

Ethylene oxide (EO or EtO) sterilization plays an important role in an effective healthcare infection control program because of its reliability and gentleness.

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