Tabletop Gas Sterilization for Endoscopes & Sensitive Instruments

EO is the only sterilant demonstrated to stop a CRE outbreak
Only sterilant validated to use by a leading scope manufacturer2
Proven 60-year history of effectiveness and reliability
"EO gas sterilization has reemerged as an important safety tool and effectively stops superbug infections."
Lawrence Muscarella, PhD
Nationally recognized authority in hospital device sterilization and disinfection, and independent consultant

Why EOGas 4? It is Sterilization Redefined.

EOGas 4 shot 2
  • Inexpensive, tabletop design
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Uses dramatically less gas than other EO processes
  • Free operator training for the life of the sterilizer

Frequently Asked Questions

Endoscopes are sterilized in a 3.5 hour cycle. The user must also follow manufacturer EO aeration guidelines that could be up to an additional 12 hours of aeration.

No. Our tabletop unit only needs a 1 inch port to the outside.

Yes. See FDA endoscope information here. In particular, the following cases are validated for a 3 hour cycle at 50°C in the EOGas 4 sterilizers: duodenoscope sterilization, bronchoscope sterilization, gastrointestinal videoscope sterilization, cystoscope sterilization, ureteroscope sterilization and choledoscope sterilization.

Depends on endoscope type and size.
See FDA endoscope information here.

No. It is very easy and convenient to install and comes in a tabletop package.

No. EO is the most gentle and compatible sterilization method available. Perfect for your most sensitive instruments.

Yes. We offer training free of charge for the life of the sterilizer.

No. EO is used in many different household products and has a similar chemical ratings as other products such as hydrogen peroxide.

Made in USA

Andersen sterilizers are 100% US made. Proudly designed and manufactured at our headquarters in Haw River, North Carolina.

We have the sterilizer that meets your needs!

Anprolene Best Value


Three sizes to choose from. Room temperature. Tabletop cabinets with active aeration. The least expensive, low temperature sterilization cabinets available.

EOGas 4 Best Speed

EOGas 4

50⁰C or 30⁰C cycle, high efficiency EO Sterilizer. Tabletop cabinet with active aeration. Sterilizes in as little as 3.5 hours. The fastest EO sterilizer available.

EOGas 3 Best Capacity

EOGas 3

Two sizes to choose from. 40-55⁰C cycles, free-standing cabinets run up to 10 independent 60L loads at any time. All cycles deliver 10-6 SAL.

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