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Andersen Partners with
North Carolina Biotechnology Center to Advance Life Sciences Industry

Andersen Sterilizers News  | MARCH 25, 2021

Andersen recently welcomed leadership from North Carolina Biotechnology Center (NCBiotech) to tour its manufacturing campus in Haw River, NC, and industrial sterilization sister company, Andersen Scientific in Morrisville, NC. Andersen works with NCBiotech to provide critical sterilization resources for start-ups, R&D departments and companies developing strategies to bring devices to market in North Carolina.

The global Life Sciences market reached $22.1 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $42 billion by 2025.1 Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies segment accounts for the largest share of the Life Sciences markets. At a state level, North Carolina, for example, ranks as one of the top 10 states in the Life Sciences industry with an economic impact of $84 billion and by supporting nearly 224,000 jobs.2

One of the most critical components to the industry is the need for rapid sterilization turn around during prototyping, development and clinical trials. Andersen has been a vital partner for the industry by providing sterilization solutions for small to medium sized medical device and start-up companies, up to large pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers.

Andersen’s innovative sterilizers are available in various sizes from tabletop to refrigerator-sized, all with high gas efficiency and ultra-low emissions. All provide critical sterilization solutions for a segment of the Life Sciences market that would otherwise rely on the contract sterilization industry’s large pallet sterilization chambers optimized for high volume processing.

Andersen offers companies either in-house or contract sterilization options.


Small and medium sized manufacturers, or those with low-volume, find Andersen’s Anprolene, EOGas 4 and EOGas 3 sterilizers provide affordable, on-site terminal sterilization solutions to increase throughput and lower unit costs. Products never leave your facility and terminal sterilization can be achieved within hours.

Contract Sterilization

Andersen’s industrial sterilization company, Andersen Scientific, is FDA-registered and ISO-approved and ideal for electronics, custom implants and humidity sensitive devices. Custom cycles are available. Learn more.

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