60 Years Reinventing Sterilization

Andersen Products was founded in 1958. It began its medical business in Oyster Bay, New York in 1963 with the manufacture of a new design for a stomach tube. The need to sterilize these tubes led to the development of our Anprolene line of ethylene oxide sterilizers. Today the product line includes three lines of gas sterilizers (the Anprolene and EOGas 4 tabletop sterilizers and the EOGas 3 cabinet sterilizer), along with their associated chemical and biological sterilization monitors. In addition to the efforts of its own direct sales force in the U.S., the company sells to affiliated Andersen British and California corporations, and distributors in many foreign countries.

A Global Impact on Healthcare

Andersen Distributors Map

In our sixtieth anniversary, our customers include a diverse group of over 6,000 healthcare-related facilities around the world, such as hospitals, day surgery centers, veterinary clinics, research and clinical laboratories and other medical device manufacturers. Andersen conducts business with distributors in every continent and subcontinent. From mobile field hospitals in developing countries to the most sophisticated tertiary care institutions on the globe — Andersen is there.

Constant Evolution of Gas Sterilization

The company was founded by Dr. Harold W. Andersen, a surgeon from New York and our current Chairman. Dr. Andersen invented a better apparatus for gastric drainage in the course of his clinical work at Bellevue Hospital in New York City. His colleagues began asking for the new devices, which led to the formation of Andersen Products, or Anpro®. Over the years, the company has maintained its focus on providing cutting-edge technology for niche healthcare applications, and in particular for those related to sensitive instrument sterilization. To maintain our leadership position in the industry, we have assembled a scientific advisory board comprised of distinguished specialists in Human and Veterinarian Medicine, Surgery, Sterilization and Validation, Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Engineering and Regulatory Affairs.

Health Science Park, the group’s North Carolina headquarters (shown below), houses our manufacturing, quality assurance laboratory, R&D, warehousing, sales/marketing and administrative offices. The plant is EPA- and FDA-registered, and OSHA compliant.

Work @ Andersen

Thanks for your interest in a career here at Andersen. We are always looking for talented and driven people to join our team. Please look on Indeed Andersen Products and Andersen Sterilizers accounts for job opportunities.

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