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AN5200 EO Abator

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  • The AN5200 EO Abator System is designed to work with all models of the Andersen EOGas 3 sterilizer series.
  • It will abate 1,800 10.5 gram EOGas cartridges, extracting over 99% of the ethylene oxide in the exhaust air stream.
  • There are no electrical connections or electrical components in the EOGas 3 abator cabinet itself. Electrical connection is to the extractor blower only, which is set to operate continuously.
  • Operation of the EOGas 3 Sterilizer changes very little with the addition of the abator. Please refer to the Operators Manual for your EOGas 3 Sterilizer if you have any questions related to the sterilization process or preparing items for sterilization. If you have additional questions or are uncertain about an items suitability for ethylene oxide sterilization, please contact an Andersen Customer Service Representative.


The EOGas Abators are designed to function in an environment with these conditions:

  1. Indoor use;
  2. Altitude up to 6,562 feet (2000 meters);
  3. Temperature 68º F (20º C) to 91º F (33º C);
  4. Maximum relative humidity 80% for temperatures up to 87.8º F (31º C) decreasing linearly to 50% relative humidity at 104º F (40º C);
  5. Mains supply voltage fluctuations not to exceed ±10% of the nominal voltage;
  6. Transient overvoltages according to INSTALLATION CATEGORY (OVERVOLTAGE CATEGORY) II: Local level, appliances, portable equipment, etc. capable of withstanding 1500 volts impulse;
  7. POLLUTION DEGREE 2 in accordance with EC 664.

    Operating weight 218 lbs.
    AN5200.00 Replacement Cartridge
    Connections: Nominal voltage depending upon model selected connected to a grounded, unswitched power supply.
    Manufactured by: Andersen Sterilizers, Inc
    Cabinet dimensions: 21″W x 45″H x 25″L.Voltage   Hz     Amps
    115           60      6.7
    230         60      3.4
    220         50       6
Weight 218 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 45 × 25 in
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