High efficiency gas sterilization

EOGas 4 shot 2

EOGas 4

High efficiency tabletop EO sterilizer with 50⁰C or 30⁰C cycles. Sterilizes in as little as 3.5 hours. The fastest EO sterilizer available.

Protect your Patients

Unlike high level disinfection (HLD), EO’s impeccable track record proves that it gets the job done again and again. Even the FDA recommends its use for critical applications.
In most HLD methods, sterilization is compromised as soon as the item leaves the disinfecting medium. Our exclusive EO-FCT system allows your instruments to stay sterile as long as needed — thanks to a protective sterile barrier.

Protect your Instruments

Over 50% of all medical devices are sterilized with EO because of its compatibility with electronics, fiber optics, lenses, paper, rubber, all polymers, metal, glass and much more.
Protect your expensive instruments with the gentleness of a tabletop EO sterilizer.

Andersen provides free training for as many operators as required,
for the lifetime of any of its sterilizers.

We have the sterilizer that meets your needs!

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