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Andersen Sterilizers Vet Tech Tips Video Series

Vet Tech Tip: Work Smarter Not Harder
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Work Smarter, Not Harder

On this Andersen Sterilizers Vet Tech Tips episode Jacklyn Phillips, RVT, will discuss how separating your absorbent and non-absorbent items and being strategic with your 12- and 24-hour sterilization cycles can save you time!


Andersen Sterilizers Vet Tech Tips with Jacklyn Phillips, RVT
Absorbent Vs. Non-Absorbent Materials
Today’s Tech Tip is regarding absorbent versus non-absorbent materials in your sterilization load. Differentiating between a 12-hour cycle and a 24-hour cycle. Creating some efficiency about how you run these cycles. Working smarter, not harder with this.

When we think about absorbent materials, I think about bandage material, vet wrap is pretty big on the absorbent side. Cloth, a lot of towels, maybe you sterilize your scrubs. Also consider your wrapping materials, if you’re wrapping with double cloth, that would be more absorbent.

Metals are non-absorbent. So if you would sort these out, like you would your laundry, into electronics/metals and maybe you run those Monday through Friday with your 12-hour cycle – then they’re good to go because you’re using them more frequently.

Versus, can you stockpile the bandage material, the cloth items into a weekend cycle (24-hour cycle and 24-hour aeration) where you start it on a Friday night, it runs all through the weekend and that way it’s completely aerated by Monday morning when you come in.

That’s it for today. Call your rep if you have any questions about how to sort these items.

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Jacklyn Phillips, RVT, Owner of Action Vet Tech Services, LLC

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